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Indian Handloom & Handicrafts for INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR

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All Indian handloom & handicrafts for interior and exterior products are at one place i.e., Kosaza Designs Pvt Ltd. Kosaza designs aim is to explore the Indian handloom & handicrafts for interior and exterior products around the globe and company will create the value to the products with kosaza brand name.


Now kosaza have 2 stores in Telangana state. Kosaza also plans to launch brand stores in (all the states and districts of) all over India.


Date of Incorporation: 19 MARCH 2016


Kosaza Designs, the pioneer in making Indian handlooms and handicrafts, aims to bring the Indian culture and tradition to all doorsteps. Kosaza Designs is established with an intention to provide Interior and exterior Designing & Personal use things.


Kosaza Designs with its very own manufacturing centre for handloom & handicrafts aspires to provide its products to all the customers across the globe.

Kosaza has franchise, retailers and Kosaza Designs now step into the online business of all the products related to Indian weaving, handicrafts, wood, interior decoration etc.

KOSAZA products have a reason as to why it is important and the purpose for placing that product. For example, lightening bowl for bedroom purposes. It emits and reflects light in the opposite direction in such a way as it looks like a tree in darkness. This is natural, peace and cost-efficient. Likewise, we have kitchen friendly products and personal use products which can be accessed by you from our e-commerce site (http://kosaza.com).


Future: Designing College

In coming days, Company also have a designing college for making designs and crafts first. Later, our manufacturers make the products. We also take up the assignments and manufacture depending upon the customer preferences and requirements.

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